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Aiding Automotive Globalization With Content and eLearning Solutions

The automotive industry today is truly global. New markets for vehicles are opening up around the world. To capture their share, manufacturers are developing shared automobile platforms customized for each global market they serve and are opening new plants with local workforces assembling components sourced from suppliers internationally. To succeed, auto manufacturers must provide information and systems related to their products — from user manuals and auto systems interfaces to technical repair guides — in multiple languages for global markets. And they must ensure compliance with industry standards, including the SAE J2450 Quality Metrics for translation of automotive service information.

Internally, they must train and manage an increasingly global and multicultural workforce to maximize productivity, while controlling costs in an intensely competitive industry.

An experienced partner with proven automotive expertise, integrated development and localization capabilities, as well as global scale makes all the difference. YYZ Translations helps the world’s leading automotive companies achieve their market objectives with:

  • Content development and localization services that leverage our automotive industry expertise to provide a full range of printed and electronic documentation with consistent quality and accuracy across multiple languages. YYZ Translations has proven expertise developing and localizing everything from user manuals, websites and on-board interfaces to J2450-compliant service and parts manuals on searchable CD-ROMs.
  • Application testing and localization services for on-board computerized systems to ensure they meet drivers’ regional language and usability needs
  • eLearning services for assembly workers and other global employees to provide training in their native language, helping maximize productivity and product quality
  • Process optimization services to help manufacturers streamline their processes for launching products in global markets, accelerating time to market and increasing efficiency

YYZ Translations provides the unique expertise necessary to localize and translate complex materials for global markets without increasing the burden on in-house staff. And we reduce cost and complexity by providing a single, flexible source for a wide range of content and technology localization services for markets around the world.

To learn more about our translation and localization services for the automotive industry or how we can help reduce your translation costs, please contact us today.

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