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YYZ Translations is a growing company and is constantly in need of new language talents to help with translation, editing, proof reading, transcription, localization, voice over and other language related services on a freelance, general contractor or full time basis. If you are an energetic, ambitious, friendly and growth oriented person and meet the minimum qualifications defined in the positions posted here, we encourage you to contact us.

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1 Experienced Canadian French Translators
2 Consulting Vendor Manager
3 Remote Consulting Project Managers
4 Canadian French Marketing Domain Translator
5 English to Chechen Translators Required
6 English to Wolof Translators Required
7 English to Mandinka Translators Required
8 English to Pashto Translators Required
9 English to Dari Translators Required
10 Remote Localization and Translation Project Manager
11 Part-time Bilingual Customer Service Agents
12 Canadian French Translators
13 Japanese Translators Based in Canada
14 European Portuguese Translators Based in Canada
15 Brazilian Portuguese Translators Based in Canada
16 English to Tigrinya Translators Required
17 English to Amharic Translators Required
18 English to Somali Translators Required
19 English to Hmong Translators Required

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