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People have benefited largely from the expansion of Media, or rather mass media, over the years. News corporations and agencies that have expanded their services beyond geographical borders have gained both in terms of popularity and money. The deep invasion of television and recently, the Internet, enables businesses to profitably expand their reach to places that would have been much harder without the presence of Translation and Interpretation services. The speed with which news spreads makes it compulsory for Media to join hands with fast and effective translators who are agile and fast learners. Even print media, like magazines and journals that are available in foreign languages, have profited from the services of translators. However, larger news agencies employ their own in-house team of translators. This is not always an option for smaller and upcoming industries, and for those who truly understand the potential of Translation services, the service is obtained from professional translation service providers.

The presence of viewable media in our daily lives cannot be ignored if you are a media company. The consumption is further emboldened by the presentation of the media in a local language. You might also need the service of an interpreter in Subtitling, Voice-Over & Dubbing or media translation if you cater either to the traditional TV/radio consumer or to the modern iPad and smartphone owners who sustain online media.

At YYZ Translations, our vast experience with large media organizations gives us the vision to guide you on your path of media success. With more than 10 years’ experience, our efficient team fully supports you, no matter which of the following groups you belong to:

  • Televisions and Radio
  • Digital Media (Textual and Audiovisual)
  • Magazines and Journals
  • Corporate Press Releases
  • Documentaries

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